This semester-long course, taught by Kathleen W. Buechel, traces the historic origins and contemporary expressions of philanthropy. It offers an overview of the multiple dimensions of this growing and increasingly global source of capital and innovation in the nonprofit sector. Students become familiar with who gives, why and how they organize and structure their philanthropy. The course examines instrumental, transformational and expressive strategies and how new approaches like ephilanthropy and giving circles open and diversify the field. The global face of philanthropy is explored. The course considers nuanced approaches like venture philanthropy, corporate social investing, social enterprise and other mechanisms that use market forces to fund charitable activities. Students explore the historic tensions between charity and social innovation, along with more recent topics like accountability, measuring social impact, sustainability, governance and related public policy issues. The course draws on case studies and guest speakers. Students participate in GSPIA’s Student Philanthropy Project through which they blend course theory and readings with hands-on grant-making experience by researching, vetting and awarding a pool of grant funds to local nonprofits.